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Waterproof Sealing Guides

Waterproof Case Sealing Guides

All our waterproof cases use either a 2 or 4 clip slide seal system™ that can be opened or locked within seconds. The size of the technology you are wanting to protect will determine which clip system your case uses, however simply count the number of sliders to be double sure and then check the appropriate guide below:

Waterproof Case Sealing System


Waterproof Bag Sealing Guides

Our waterproof bags all use a simple Fold Seal System™. The method involves pinching the 2 sides at the neck of the waterproof bag, rolling down 3 to 4 sides and then clipping at either the top or side to securely fasten. See the sealing guides below for more information.


Waterproof Sealing Guide


Waterproof Sealing Guide


Waterproof Sealing Guide


Waterproof Sealing Guide


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